Improve Communication and Onboarding in Retail Industry.

Customer experience begins with the interaction with the salesperson.

Frontline employees are the primary source of information about products and promotions for customers, acting as advisors during the purchasing process. To fulfil these roles, excellent knowledge of the offerings is essential. Delivering up-to-date information and micro-trainings directly to phones is the fastest, most effective, and cost-efficient method for developing employee skills.

Challenges in the Retail Industry

Inefficient onboarding

High employee turnover and a dynamic range of products demand significant resources or a flexible approach.

Lack of Goal Orientation

Teams perform better and more efficiently when they clearly understand their goals and see the progress.

Low Employee Engagement and Identification with the Organization

Employees in dispersed teams require additional, engaging communication to strengthen their sense of belonging to the team.

Flexible Training Programs

Personalised micro-training programs in the app help build and maintain employee knowledge from day one.

Gamified Real-time Results

Current results and metrics presented in an attractive graphical form are displayed separately for each team and employee.

Corporate Communication and Feedback Culture

Regular communication of company values, achievements, and events, combined with flexible surveys and a messaging system, creates a space that integrates teams.

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