Maintaining high employee engagement is possible in part through continuous and transparent presentation of results. Our system includes several tools that allow the communication of key indicators.
Graphic Widgets
Personalised Communication
Individual Results
Rankings (Group & Individual)
Employees perform their tasks better when they can see their direct impact on outcomes. A dedicated dashboard displays key data in an attractive visual format.
Gamification, an integral part of the system, allows employees to be rewarded for their knowledge, skills, and task completion. Smart alerts and character development opportunities immerse employees in the gaming universe.

Key Applications

Motivation and gamification systems can be used across various departments. In sales, they boost specific promotions and products, helping teams go beyond their targets. For quality initiatives and company-wide projects, these systems clearly outline goals and track progress in a user-friendly way.
Commission Systems
Employee Development
Sales Increase
Personal dashboard.
Personalised Messages
Tailored information for individuals.
A comprehensive system for rewarding and motivating performance achievement.
A system that allows for the creation of both mandatory and optional courses, complete with scheduling options and reminder notifications to ensure completion.

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