Improve Communication and Onboarding
in Manufacturing and Logistics.

Reach Everyone, No Matter Where They Are

Frontline workers deserve access to information at all times. Unrestricted access to information and knowledge will boost their motivation and improve their work quality. An effective internal communication tool that keeps them focused and engaged is essential in this industry.

Challenges in Manufacturing and Logistics

Outdated Internal Communication Tools

Changing work models and rapidly evolving environments make existing tools ineffective.

Inefficient Team Communication

Often, teams already have the solutions or best practices, but sharing this knowledge isn't effective enough. Overcoming this obstacle can significantly improve operational efficiency.

Ensuring Quality and Safety at Work

Frontline workers are also accountable for work quality, and their safety is crucial to the organisation.

A Simple Smartphone Solution

Internal communication accessible to all employees, at any time, from any device.

Messenger for Teams

Automatically updated groups in the messenger allow employees to communicate quickly, share experiences, and solve problems immediately.

Delivering Training and Maintaining Standards

Integrating micro-trainings into daily communication ensures that knowledge of procedures and standards remains consistently high.

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